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The Single Market

The EU Single Market:

Impact on Member States

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The Single Market is bringing economic growth, job creation and prosperity for European citizens and for businesses of all sizes. Explore this online study to find out more about what the Single Market means for each Member State, the impact it has on their economy and how much more could be achieved. Read our stories to learn how it has transformed the way we live, travel, study, work and do business in Europe. 

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The EU Single Market was launched in 1993.

The original vision of the Single Market project was to create a single, prosperous economic area. People, goods, services and capital would move freely. European citizens would enjoy rising standards of living. But has the Single Market delivered on this promise?

AmCham EU explores the benefits of the Single Market in the series 'The Future of the Single Market' and through its study The EU Single Market: Impact on EU Member States.

'The Future of the Single Market'

AmCham EU and ITN Productions have released ‘The Future of the Single Market’, a news and current affairs-style programme that explores the benefits of the Single Market across several industries and sectors, as well as looking to the future, as the EU moves towards a new narrative. 

Hosted by national news anchor Natasha Kaplinsky ‘The Future of the Single Market’ takes the temperature of business operations within the Single Market, as the UK and EU27 negotiate the UK’s departure from the EU, and looks at how the ‘four freedoms’ impact the trade of goods and services, as well as access to talent and capital. 

Watch the full programme:

Single Market European Union

The EU Single Market: Impact on Member States

We commissioned a study by LE Europe to explore the impact of the Single Market on EU member states.

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Key Findings


Technical Report

Questions? Thibaut L'Ortye

Foreword from Jyrki Katainen, Vice President for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness, European Commission

Benefits of further integration

Policy recommendations

5 stories illustrating how the Single Market changed the lives of Europeans

Current state of integration: key economic figures

Special focus on the impact of the economic and financial crisis

28 Member State overviews with country-specific figures, analysis and policy recommendations