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Channel-driven groups

In addition to its policy-focused committees and task forces, AmCham EU also does broader outreach to stakeholders and the AmChams in Europe network through its channel-driven groups.

 American Chambers of Commerce in Europe (ACE)

AmChams in Europe (ACE) is the umbrella body for American Chambers in Europe and Eurasia. Representatives meet two to three times per year to exchange best practices, share information on key issues facing US businesses operating in Europe and discuss opportunities for policy cooperationAmCham EU leads policy coordination on issues of interest to members of the AmChams in Europe network, through regular calls and policy updates, and through the support of the organisation of national AmCham events in key policy areas.

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• Comprises 44 American Chambers of Commerce

in 44 countries throughout Europe and Eurasia

• Communicates the importance of the transatlantic economy

• Advocates on a number of policy issue areas in member states

 Executive Council

The Executive Council (ExCo) is a forum of senior executives responsible for the European operations of some of AmCham EU’s largest member companies. The mission of ExCo is to strive for the continuous improvement of European global competitiveness, through targeted dialogue at the highest levels between its members and senior policy-makers of the EU institutions, Member States, and international organisations.

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• Building skills for the future

• Drive integration to create an attractive internal market

• Embrace revolutionary change for industrial leadership

• Develop new models of innovation and entrepreneurship

• Lead by example towards global integration

• Case for investing in Europe


 European Parliament outreach

The European Parliament Outreach Task Force complements the work of AmCham EU’s Committees by shaping advocacy on horizontal issues and facilitating outreach to the European Parliament, strengthening ties between AmCham EU and Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), their national affiliates and national delegations in the European Parliament.The Task Force also aims at developing closer relations with the leadership of the five main political groups in the European Parliament as well as the five main European political parties.

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  • Engage with the MEPs of the five main parliamentary groups belonging to relevant European Parliament's Committees
  • Engage with the senior leadership of the five main parliamentary groups in the European Parliament
  • Build relationship with the Heads of the biggest national delegation in the European Parliament
  • Develop relationship with the leadership of the five main European Political Parties and their Think-Thanks
  • Track and coordinate outreach to the European Parliament

 EU Presidency

AmCham EU’s Presidency Group works to influence the agenda of the European Council. It initiates substantive policy dialogues with national officials charged with the upcoming Presidency of the Council of the European Union by meeting with the relevant permanent representation in Brussels.

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• Brussels based presidency outreach

• Presidency Group outreach in member state (delegation)