Strengthening Europe’s defence technological and industrial base

18 Jul 2024
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The European Defence Industrial Strategy (EDIS) is a welcome addition to strengthen the European Defence Technological and Industrial Base (EDTIB) and Europe’s security. However, to succeed, the EU will need to increase its collaboration with like-minded third-country partners, facilitate the participation of valuable contributors owned by third-country entities from allied countries, ensure sufficient flexibility, integrate advanced technologies as well as support the completion of the Single Market for financial services. Only in this way can the EU overcome current geopolitical threats whilst increasing the competitiveness and readiness of its EDTIB. You can read our recommendations to increase the effectiveness of EDIS and EDIP here.

Calling for a more open trade policy

15 Jul 2024
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Trade & External Affairs

On Monday, 15 July, a coalition of 31 leading European business associations came together to call for an ambitious and open trade policy to support the EU’s competitiveness and economic prosperity. In a Joint Declaration, they highlight the importance of trade openness in driving economic growth, creating jobs, and enhancing resilience in the face of global challenges. Trade remains a cornerstone of the EU’s economic strength, directly supporting one in five EU jobs through exports. It significantly benefits consumers by expanding choices—a sentiment shared by 60% of Europeans—and attracts foreign investments that drive growth and innovation. Furthermore, diversified sourcing and export strategies strengthen the EU’s ability to navigate and overcome crises.

Supplying new talent to meet renewable energy demand

11 Jul 2024
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In 2021, 22% of the EU’s energy came from renewable sources. But as the number of renewable energy projects increases, so too does the gap between the workforce the sector needs and the qualified personnel ready to fill these specialised positions. To help meet this demand, AES Bulgaria partnered with Varna Technical University to train the next generation of experts by managing internship and scholarship programmes, delivering lectures and presentations, participating in university activities and facilitating site visits. Through this work, AES is raising awareness about careers in the wind energy industry and building mentoring relationships that can help students break into the business. Learn more on Invested in Europe.