The EU Single Market:
Impact on Member States

The Single Market is bringing economic growth, job creation and prosperity for European citizens and for businesses of all sizes. Explore this online study to find out more about what the Single Market means for each Member State, the impact it has on their economy and how much more could be achieved. Read our stories to learn how it has transformed the way we live, travel, study, work and do business in Europe.


Jyrki Katainen

Vice President for Jobs,
Investment and Competitiveness,
European Commission


Karl Cox

Chair, American Chamber of
Commerce to the EU (AmCham EU)

Member State

Stories of Single Market

Member State overviews

This section provides a country-by-country analysis. The 28 two-page overviews include figures on the current state of Single Market integration in each Member State and its impact on their economies. They also outline what further integration could mean and potential avenues for policy action at national level.

Stories of Single Market integration

The impact of the Single Market goes beyond the figures presented in this study. The following examples describe in concrete terms how European citizens and businesses operating in the EU benefit from Single Market integration.