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EDF: US industry makes vital contributions to European defence sector

10 Dec 2018
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Security, Defence & Space Committee

The European Defence Fund (EDF) will not only introduce for the first time EU funding for defence research and capability development, but also has the potential to significantly alter the way defence industrial cooperation is done in Europe in the long-term.

AmCham EU’s Security and Defence Committee recognises the importance of the EDF and is currently travelling to Member States to promote the value of US participation to the European Defence Industrial and Technological Base (EDTIB). EU companies with US parentage make vital contributions through the creation of high-skilled jobs, innovative research and access to critical technology that might not otherwise be available.

The committee has already met with representatives of the relevant ministries in Warsaw, The Hague and Rome. During these meetings representatives underscored the importance of creating a framework within the EDF that will facilitate the participation of US industry when this does not contravene the security and defence interests of the EU and its Member States. Next stops in the EDF roadshow are Madrid and Paris.