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AmCham EU co-signs position on the EU 'Own Resource on Unrecycled Plastic Packaging'

24 Feb 2020
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AmCham EU has co-signed a Common Industry Association Position Paper on the EU ‘Own Resource on unrecycled plastic packaging’, with a wide range of actors from the packaging value chain in Europe. A total of 59 associations from around Europe have co-signed the position paper, you can find the position here. 

The common position urges the Council to reconsider its proposal for the ‘Own Resource on unrecycled plastic packaging’ as a new source of revenue in the context of the Multiannual Financial Framework discussions.

The co-signatories are concerned that the ‘Own Resource’, which is set to impact non-recycled plastic packaging waste, risks diverting significant resources away from where they need to be invested. The measure may bring fragmentation to the Single Market as any ultimate recoupment from the packaging value chain is expected to be implemented at member state level. This risks a divergent and disparate patchwork of national initiatives. As such, the measure is likely to compromise a smooth transition towards the Circular Economy, which is a policy priority that AmCham EU has supported in our advocacy and AmCham EU member companies have supported in their business practices.

The co-signatories also express concerns over the discriminatory effects resulting from the measure, as the ‘Own Resource’ is likely to have proportionally greater impact on countries less equipped with necessary recycling infrastructure, undermining EU solidarity principles.