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Position paper - Plastics Strategy: how can industry contribute? Building a resource-efficient and circular economy

23 Apr 2018

The American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union (AmCham EU) supports the European Commission’s commitment to transform Europe into a more circular and resource-efficient economy. The plastics strategy is a great opportunity for industry to develop a global leadership in new technologies and materials, while embracing new business models. Plastics are widely used across all value chains, as they meet the demands of modern societies and contribute to the sustainability of products due to their innovative properties and competitive costs. However, plastics should not end up in the wrong places and certainly not in the environment. Issues related to littering and the environment must therefore be addressed, if the material is to achieve its full potential in a circular economy.

The plastics strategy identifies policy options to increase the re-use and recycling of plastics in Europe. Material and technology neutrality, as well as a sectoral approach that does not fragment the Single Market, will be paramount to its success. Product requirements vary from one sector to another and manufacturers should retain the ability to choose the best materials for their needs.

AmCham EU recognises the need for action and is ready to contribute to a resource-efficient and circular economy in Europe.

For more details, please read our position paper.