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Position paper - Low-Emission Mobility strategy: a technology-neutral and holistic approach

30 Oct 2017
All Committees
Transport, Energy & Climate


Reducing emissions in the transport sector is key for the European Union to achieve its energy and climate objectives. AmCham EU members believe that a comprehensive and technology-neutral Low-Emission Mobility strategy is the way to address this.

In this paper, we support the Commission’s approach looking at the contribution of vehicles, fuels and infrastructure to reducing emissions from transport. A balanced approach, without advantages given to certain actors or technologies, will be instrumental to success.

Too prescriptive legislation on low-emission vehicles and the lack of a clear definition will hurt the chances of an efficient transition. The fuels of the future must be allowed to develop in a free market. Special attention should be paid to the RED recast, to make sure it does not undermine progress already achieved. The role of digital and intelligent technologies should be equally taken into consideration when assessing emission reductions.

Moving forward, we believe that the key to success in delivering a climate-friendly transport environment is involving all actors in the discussions.