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What stories will make the headlines in 2024?

5 Feb 2024
All Committees

On Tuesday, 30 January, we held our first plenary meeting of the year discussing the stories that will make the headlines in 2024. Joined by Hendrik Van de Velde, Ambassador, General Coordinator for the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, we heard about more about the Belgian Presidency’s plans around competitivity and industrial policy, with a particular focus on the green deal transition. 

During the panel discussion, attendees heard predictions about what the top headlines will be in 2024. They covered a range of issues, from climate change to the upcoming elections and beyond. Taking part in the panel was Stefan Grobe, EU Correspondent, Euronews; Kevin Whitehall, Brussels Bureau Chief, Bloomberg; Alice Hancock, EU Correspondent, Financial Times and Barbara Moens, Chief EU Correspondent, POLITICO.