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EP elections 2019: Europe’s future at stake?

2 Oct 2018
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European Parliament Outreach Task Force

On Thursday, 27 September 2018 AmCham EU and EURACTIV hosted leaders from the four main European political groups for a debate on the future of Europe, with more than 300 participants attending.

Hans van Baalen MEP, President, ALDE Party, Mercedes Bresso MEP, Vice-President, S&D Group, Antonio López-Istúriz White MEP, Secretary-General, EPP Party, and Jan Zahradil MEP, President, ACRE all agreed that the upcoming elections for the European Parliament and the consequent change of the European Commission will shape the future of Europe, especially after Brexit and an influx of populist governments.

Brian Maguire of Euractiv moderated the discussion between the political leaders, which revolved around themes such as how ambitious Europe should be in expanding its influence in the next five years, innovation, migration, populism and disinformation.

The event also served as the launch of AmCham EU’s Agenda for Action 2019-2024, which outlines four areas where civil society, industry and government can move Europe forward together. Read a full recap on what was debated on EURACTIV.

Read the Agenda for Action 2019-2024

Watch the event video on EURACTIV

EP Elections 2019 - Europe's future at stake?