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US business: We are committed to a strong and united Europe

Thursday, March 23, 2017
Single Market Task Force

Brussels, Thursday 23 March 2017 - This week we celebrate one of the greatest achievements of the last century. Sixty years ago, European leaders came together and set up a community of shared values and interests, both geopolitical and economic. This opened an unprecedented era of peace and prosperity across the region. Citizens and businesses experience every day the tremendous benefits of European integration: the ability to travel, study and work across the continent, a peaceful and stable environment, a stronger voice in a global world and the protection of freedoms and rights.
Integration also paved the way for the creation of the Single Market. European countries built the world’s largest economy with a direct positive impact for consumers and workers. It is the key driver of foreign direct investment into the EU, contributing to job creation and growth. A recent study by LE Europe found that, annually, the Single Market provides 3.6 million additional jobs in the European economy and contributes 1.7% of the EU’s GDP or approximately €250 billion.
Susan Danger, CEO, AmCham EU said: ‘The anniversary of the Treaties of Rome is a great opportunity to reiterate the commitment of US companies to the Single Market, the EU project and Europe as a whole. Peace, freedom and prosperity are hard-fought achievements that cannot be taken for granted. They require our collective leadership: businesses, governments, civil society organisations, citizens, we all have a role to play’. She went on to say: ‘The strength of the Union lies in its ability to constantly transform and reinvent itself. Political leadership will be crucial as the EU responds to economic, social, political and technological change. At testing times, US business will continue to support this critical project in every way it can. We are here to stay.
American companies have deep and longstanding ties in Europe. In 2016, US investment totalled more than €2 trillion and directly supported more than 4.5 million jobs. Along with creating jobs, developing infrastructure and driving innovation, American companies also invest in people and communities through social and educational programs, research and development or environmental and health initiatives. Find out more about these investments and their social impact at