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AmCham EU launches 'The Future of the Single Market', a news-style programme with ITN Productions

Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Single Market Task Force

Brussels, Tuesday 23 May – The American Chamber of Commerce to the EU (AmCham EU) and ITN Productions have released ‘The Future of the Single Market’, a news and current affairs-style programme that explores the benefits of the Single Market across several industries and sectors, as well as looking to the future, as the EU moves towards a new narrative. 

Hosted by national news anchor Natasha Kaplinsky ‘The Future of the Single Market’ takes the temperature of business operations within the Single Market, as the UK and EU27 negotiate the UK’s departure from the EU, and looks at how the ‘four freedoms’ impact the trade of goods and services, as well as access to talent and capital. Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP told the programme “Free movement is absolutely critical, and critical to making sure the product that we provide, the services we provide are as in tune with modern trends, cultural and social trensds, political trends, as possible. If we are not diverse, if we don’t draw the creative talent, the media talent, the digital talent that we have from all around the world, including Europe, we will not be as effective and competitive as we should be.”

The programme also looks to the ‘fifth freedom’ - the Digital Single Market, with Karl Cox, Chairman of AmCham EU, telling the programme “Data knows no boundaries. To impose boundaries on the free movement of data within the European Union is counter-productive, it’s counter-intuitive, and it’s against the interests, not only of business, but of consumers.” 

‘The Future of the Single Market’ premiered on Monday, 22 May at the European Business Summit in Brussels. It features interviews with leading organisations including NATO, WPP and Google, news-style reports, along with sponsored editorial profiles from global law firm Allen & Overy, the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, Keller and Heckman LLP and the University of Kent.


Susan Danger, CEO of AmCham EU said: “The ability for goods, services, capital and people to move freely across the EU is one of the greatest achievements of European integration – and it is critical to Europe’s role in the global economy. Offering access to a market of 500 million consumers, the Single Market is the number one reason for our member companies to invest in Europe.” 

Simon Shelley, Head of Industry News, ITN Productions, said: "ITN Productions has enjoyed working with AmCham EU to create ‘The Future of the Single Market’ at such a significant and uncertain time for businesses on both sides of the Atlantic. We hope this programme will engage and inform viewers as we look towards maintaining a peaceful and prosperous Europe. By bringing these issues to life on screen, and developing a better understanding of the Single Market, we hope to spark new dialogue that could shape a bright and healthy future for transatlantic partnerships.” 

‘The Future of the Single Market’ is now available to view for free on the AmCham EU website: