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International Women’s Day

AmCham EU is taking part in celebrating International Women’s Day and fully supports this year's theme of stepping up measures to deliver greater gender parity. AmCham EU believes gender initiatives are needed to create a more balanced representation of genders in the professional arena. Towards this end, it has recently launched its Gender Initiatives Task Force, whose priorities include inclusiveness in the workplace, gender balance, corporate social responsibility and workplace best practices. At a February launch event of its Task Force, AmCham EU brought together business and government leaders to discuss how gender diversity in the workplace can positively affect companies’ bottom lines. 

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Learn more about AmCham EU’s Gender Initiatives Task Force

Visit Task Force launch event web page


Speakers at the Gender Initiatives Task Force launch event discuss the importance of gender diversity in the workplace

Věra Jourová, European Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality 


James C. Cowles, Chief Executive Officer, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Citi


Mandy Schreuder, European Business Development Leader for Diversity and Inclusion, Mercer


Geraldine Huse, Vice-President, Global Tesco Account, Procter & Gamble