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EU Presidency

AmCham EU’s Presidency Group works to contribute to a constructive dialogue with the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union. It initiates substantive policy dialogues with national officials charged with the upcoming Presidency of the Council by meeting with the relevant permanent representation in Brussels and in the member state capitals. This is followed by AmCham EU presentation of our recommendations report which aims to provide concrete input on the important issues that will be addressed under the presidency.


Slovenia (July - December)

Recommendations to the Slovenian Presidency

AmCham EU welcomes the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. With the vaccine roll-out well underway, the EU’s attention is now turning to life after the pandemic. The Slovenian Presidency will take on a critical role in overseeing the substantive rebuild of Europe’s economy around the twin transitions of environmental protection and digitalisation. Our recommendations to the Slovenian Presidency aim to ensure we reach our common objectives of a stronger and more prosperous EU. The document highlights the priorities and recommendations that we believe will make Europe more competitive and an attractive place for investment. AmCham EU looks forward to working closely with Slovenia during its Presidency to ensure we reach our common objectives of strong, green and digital economic recovery.Read the recommendations

Portugal (January - June)

Recommendations to the Portuguese Presidency


Germany (July - December)

Recommendations to the German Presidency

Read the recommendations Read the economic recovery paper

Croatia (January - June)

Recommendations to the Croatian Presidency

Read the recommendations


Finland (July - December)

Recommendations to the Finnish Presidency

Read the recommendations


Romania (January - June)

Recommendations to the Romanian Presidency

Read the recommendations


Austria (July - December)

Recommendations to the Austrian Presidency

Read the recommendations