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Digital Economy Conference

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Tuesday, 10 December 2019 (8.45 – 12.45)

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More speakers will be confirmed soon

8.45   Registration

9.00  Welcome

9.10  Opening keynote

9.30  The search for digital sovereignty and global competitiveness, what is the future for the transatlantic digital agenda?

In a context of technological race between the EU, China and the US, the panel will focus on the role and perspectives for transatlantic cooperation.

10.15  Coffee break

10.30  Fireside chat on transatlantic digital cooperation

11.00  A sustainable digital society, technology for the people and a better future

The EU aims for new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, to serve social and environmental purposes. What do governments and business need to do (and are doing) to ensure that technologies have a positive effect on our society?

11.45  Fireside chat on privacy

The EU is aiming at becoming a global normative power, while the US is currently discussing a federal privacy law. Emerging technologies raise new questions around consumer protection and privacy. Are governments moving toward common global rules? 

12.15  Closing keynote

12.45 Lunch buffet (tbc)


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