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Transport, Energy & Climate

The Transport, Energy and Climate Committee takes the lead responsibility for identifying, monitoring, evaluating and influencing European policies in the area of transport, energy and climate and with issues related to the European Green Deal. It seeks to promote open markets, innovation and balanced sustainable development on these issues. The Committee engages with stakeholders at the European level to develop and maintain contact with key European decision-makers to work towards achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

See our infographic - Paving the way towards a low-carbon future

Committee priorities:

Transport, Energy & Climate


Achieving a clean planet for all 2050: A balancing act
Current issues
  • The European Green Deal  
  • Clean Energy for All Europeans package
  • EU Industrial Strategy
  • Sustainable and Smart Mobility
  • Emission Trading System (ETS)
  • Fair advancement of competitive modes of transport and infrastructure
Sectors represented
  • Energy companies (oil&gas, renewables, energy storage)
  • Energy intensive industry
  • Automotive
  • Aviation sector
  • Logistics