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The Environment Committee strives to promote a coherent, science-based and balanced approach to sustainable growth. It supports better regulation and facilitation of the transatlantic dialogue on environmental issues. The committee identifies, monitors, evaluates and influences European environmental policies as well as develops and strengthens communication with top-level decision-makers, often in cooperation with other business groups.

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Current issues
  • Consistent and science-based EU environment policy, compatible with a well-functioning Single Market
  • Green Deal: circular economy
  • Green Deal: future of EU chemicals policy under the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability
  • Proactive advocacy on the RoHS review
  • Expertise, connections and partnerships
Sectors represented
  • Chemicals industry
  • Cross-sectoral corporate businesses
  • Oil industry
  • Food and consumer products
  • Waste management
  • Specialised consultancies and law firms

Working documents

29 Oct 2021
COP26: transatlantic business committed to climate action
17 Sep 2020
Packaging Chain Forum - Joint statement on the integrity of the Single Market