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Digital Economy

digital economy

The Digital Economy Committee looks at the benefits of the new economy in the form of competitiveness, growth, creation of jobs, innovation and modern democracy. The information society is a central factor influencing modern development and is a major employer in the EU, giving Europe significant social, cultural and economic opportunities. The committee monitors a variety of industry sectors, ranging from the traditional telecoms and ICT companies, to a cross-section of companies and sectors spread across the global economy.

Towards a digitalised Single Market

Current issues
  • Engage with privacy and cybersecurity files, including cybersecurity certification and the European Cybersecurity Certification Scheme for Cloud Services. 
  • Drive EU policies on data strategy and cloud, with a focus on the Data Act. 
  • Encourage the development of emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, chips and the metaverse. 
  • Facilitate international digital cooperation through platforms like the Trade and Technology Council. 
  • Strive for sustainable and inclusive digital recovery and resilience. 
Sectors represented
  • Service and content providers
  • Retail & consumer goods
  • Financial services
  • Equipment manufacturing
  • Network operators

Working documents

29 Nov 2022
Priorities for the third ministerial meeting
10 May 2022
Priorities for the second ministerial meeting
7 Dec 2021
Cloud computing: the sky is the limit
27 Sep 2021
Promoting SME Access to and Use of Digital Technologies
2 Jul 2018
Letter to MEPs: European Parliament Resolution on EU-US Privacy Shield