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Competition policy

The Competition Policy Committee aims to provide constructive input to the EU institutions to ensure the development of efficient and balanced EU competition policies that reflect the needs of both business and consumers. Competition policy is essential to the success of the Single Market. By ensuring a level playing field for business, effective EU competition policy serves to generate wealth and employment, protects the interests of consumers and promotes economic efficiency by fostering innovation. 

Committee Priorities:

  • Competition Law 4.0 – regulation of platforms, data access and digital ecosystems
  • Merger control review
  • State aid
  • International relations and the EU’s competition policy
  • Review of vertical and horizontal block exemptions and guidelines
Current issues
  • Due process in competition law enforcement
  • International relations and the EU's competition policy
  • Merger control
  • State aid
  • Sector inquiries
  • Technology transfers rules
  • Direct settlements
  • Regulation of platforms, data and digital ecosystems
Sectors represented

Sectors represented:

  • Law firms
  • Corporate
  • Consultancies