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Facilitating greater transatlantic R&D cooperation

21 Sep 2020
Security, Defence & Space Committee

On Tuesday, 15 September, AmCham EU had the pleasure of hosting a webinar entitled ‘Facilitating greater transatlantic R&D cooperation: The European Defence Fund’. The webinar featured stakeholders that play a leading role in the unprecedented momentum around European defence investment and coordination. The event focused on addressing misconceptions on the Transatlantic Defence Technological and Industrial Cooperation (TADIC), the concept of strategic autonomy and the US International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) as well as its reform.

The speakers also discussed the opportunities and challenges of the European Defence Fund (EDF). Rosa Rosanelli, Member of the Editorial Board of the Strategic Trade Research Institute moderated the discussion. 

State of the Union 2020: Europe’s future is now by Susan Danger, CEO, AmCham EU

18 Sep 2020
All Committees

At the beginning of the year, Europe was abounding with optimism – a new year, a new decade, and a newly inaugurated Commission with a fresh, forward-looking mandate. This felt like the year that Europe could finally disengage from crisis mode, and look to the future. A smart, green, carbon neutral economy, with burgeoning industry and prospering society was within Europe’s grasp.  Alas, nine months on, 2020 will go down in history as the annus horribilis of our time. But as the fallout of this latest historic crisis weighs heavily on Europe’s fragile societies, can President von der Leyen inject some much-needed vitality into the economic recovery?

The EU packaging value chain calls on the EU to protect the Single Market

18 Sep 2020

On Thursday, 17 September, AmCham EU co-signed a statement promoted by the Packaging Chain Forum calling for the need to protect the integrity of the EU Single Market. As the EU Green Deal and the 'Circular Economy Action Plan' start taking shape, we have seen a growing number of uncoordinated national initiatives which undermine the effectiveness of the Single Market. Signatories call on Member State to thoroughly transpose EU legislation in respect of Single Market legislation and demand that the Commission exercises its powers to ensure that EU rules are respected, including on packaging and packaging waste. Read the joint statement here