Unleashing the full potential of health data

19 Jul 2022

Digitalising the healthcare sector is key to advancing innovation and ensuring the health and safety of citizens. The European Commission has presented a proposal for a European Health Data Space (EHDS) comprised of rules, common standards and practices meant to unleash health data’s full potential. For the EHDS to be successful, it must ensure legal certainty and flexibility, and establish open, transparent and structured engagement with all stakeholders.

Marking one year of Fit for 55

13 Jul 2022
Transport, Energy & Climate

Thursday, 14 July marks the one-year anniversary of the European Commission’s ‘Fit for 55’ initiative. This climate package is part of the European Green Deal, and it aims to align European climate, transport and energy-related regulations with the 2030 55% greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets. AmCham EU members are fully committed to making the objectives laid out in Fit for 55 work.

AmCham EU in Strasbourg: building connections with MEPs

11 Jul 2022
All Committees

Last week, an AmCham EU delegation of 60 members travelled to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. On Monday, 4 July and Tuesday, 5 July, participants had the chance to meet with more than 100 MEPs from the largest political groups in the Parliament. An AmCham EU tradition of over twenty years, the Strasbourg delegation brings together the US business community and European policymakers to discuss how to build a stronger European Union and a more competitive single market.