The times they are a-changin': technology and AmCham EU

31 May 2023
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Do you remember a time before personal computers were common? What about email, the internet or social media? When was the first time you hopped on a video conference? Over the last 60 years, these and other technologies have become integral to our homes and workplaces – especially when that work is building a strong and united Europe and strengthening the transatlantic relationship. Take a history lesson on how AmCham EU evolved with changes in technology.  

Priorities at the fourth TTC in Luleå, Sweden

26 May 2023
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The EU and the US will meet on 30-31 May, in Luleå, Sweden, to hold the fourth Trade and Technology Council ministerial meeting. It is critical that, among others, they push for more details on an expected agreement on critical raw materials, encourage further transparency in semiconductor supply chains and advance on the ongoing cooperation on artificial intelligence. You can read more about our priorities to the fourth ministerial here.

Addressing industry concerns on the Product Liability Directive

25 May 2023
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Consumer affairs

Discussions around the Product Liability Directive must not to be rushed to avoid harming innovation in the technology sector. In order to craft a proportionate consumer protection framework, AmCham EU and eight other organisations have signed a letter outlining industry concerns that the Commission must address. Read the joint statement for more on our concerns and recommendations.