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At a turning point Healthcare systems in Central and Eastern Europe

Monday, December 5, 2022
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As governments rise to the challenge of managing the interlinked dynamics of population health and economic uncertainty, At a turning point: Healthcare systems in Central and Eastern Europe highlights the key differences and commonalities in healthcare financing and policy approaches across 13 European countries. The report, written by the Economist Impact, identifies major trends and aims to benchmark access and provision of healthcare services, medicines, healthcare outcomes as well as quality of care. It also puts forward a number of recommendations for action, in areas such as financing models, delivery of care, access to innovative treatments, diagnostics and digital infrastructure.

A series of country profiles complement the study, featuring detailed data and additional analysis on the national dynamics. Country profiles are available for seven of the CEE countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. Romania has been included in this study as a comparator country. Additionally, you can find here a presentation outlining the background and objectives of the main study, as well as the key findings and recommendations for action.

Bulgaria   Croatia   Czech Republic  Hungary   Poland   Slovakia   Slovenia

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