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Position paper - The European Defence Action Plan: Challenges and perspectives for a genuine transatlantic defence and industrial relationship / Recommendations for the EDIDP eligibility criteria

9 Oct 2017
All Committees
Security, Defence & Space Committee

A resilient and determined EU policy in security and defence is instrumental for maintaining transatlantic cooperation and achieving global security. The course of action sought by the European Defence Action Plan (EDAP) is therefore a promising development. Not only does it seek to strengthen Europe, but it represents an opportunity to reinforce NATO and contribute to global security.

However, there is a real risk that key industry players will be left outside of the scope of the action plan. This could significantly weaken the envisioned outcome.

The AmCham EU position paper on the EDAP examines the state of play in EU defence from the perspective of the transatlantic EU-US partnership. The paper identifies potential areas of convergence and/or joint action between the EU and US, and ties concrete policy recommendations to industry examples. [AmCham EU recommendation for the EDIDP eligibility criteria (art.7) can be found on the last page]