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Position paper - AmCham EU calls for EU industrial policy to be further developed

5 Oct 2015
Policy Group

The statement a statement calling for EU industrial policy to be further developed following Commissioner Elzbieta Bienkowska’s speech before the Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) Committee of the European Parliament on 23 June 2015.


AmCham EU appreciates Commissioner Bienkowska’s effort to outline the issues and draw a framework of possible solutions, yet it remains to be seen how EU and national policymakers will jointly tackle, in an integrated way, the downward trend in investment in manufacturing in Europe. With a significant number of its member companies coming from the manufacturing industry, AmCham EU recognises that the industry is the backbone of the EU economy. AmCham EU has therefore issued its position on how best to further develop EU industrial policy. We believe that the Commission should continue to take steps to ensure a healthy environment for manufacturing in Europe, and that political and legislative pressure should be maintained on the Member States to make certain they contribute to the effort. We urgently need the right conditions to ensure solid infrastructure, development of skills, innovation, and labour flexibility. Without these elements, Europe’s industrial productivity and profitability level will not be sufficient to remain globally competitive.


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