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Position paper - Paving the way towards a low-carbon future: AmCham EU’s recommendations for reducing greenhouse gas emissions

8 Oct 2018
Transport, Energy & Climate

The American Chamber of Commerce to the EU (AmCham EU) represents forward-looking companies which acknowledge the need for an urgent action towards a low-carbon economy and are researching, investing and developing a wide range of low-carbon technologies in Europe. Such a paradigm shift can only happen with a global and holistic perspective. The EU took a leadership role, setting itself ambitious targets, and should use its position to leverage action, with its main global partners, to meet the Paris climate ambitions.

Developing the 2050 strategy is clearly a challenging task which should start by ensuring that fundamental principles like technology-neutrality, predictability, transparency are encompassed in the existing and future regulatory framework, clarifying the objectives to achieve while identifying the key levers and barriers to remove.

For more on AmCham EU's position on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, please find our position paper below.