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Our proposals for a more effective control of dual-use goods exports

30 Jan 2024
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Digital Economy
Trade & External Affairs

The EU needs a harmonised and future-proof export control framework that adequately accounts for evolving technologies and creates a competitive environment for EU exporters, with special consideration for SMEs and academic institutions. This requires modernising the 2021 Dual-Use Regulation, ensuring effective export controls that are proportional, flexible and focus on end-users, and encouraging inclusive stakeholder participation in export control discussions. Moreover, as cross-border research, development and innovation initiatives become the global norm, it is essential that the EU and its trusted partners focus on developing interoperable export control rules. This would help ensure that their businesses can compete on a level playing field and jointly benefit from cutting-edge innovations – including AI technology, quantum computing, semiconductors and biotech – and make it harder for nefarious actors to exploit loopholes.