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Leadership update

17 Jan 2022
Agriculture & Food
Intellectual Property
Transport, Energy & Climate
Diversity and Inclusion

AmCham EU is pleased to announce the results of the elections that took place from December till mid-January and welcome new and re-elected leaders. We wish successful terms to Carsten Dannöhl (Caterpillar); Nicola del Valle de Sousa Gavaia (McDonald’s); Alexander Majer (First Solar); Simona Popa (InterDigital); Sofia Trenor (Amazon); and Felix Uedelhoven (GE). 

The Secretariat would also like to thank those who are stepping down for the extraordinary work they completed during their terms: Kate Ballentyne (former Chevron); Veronika Bendere (MSD), who remains as Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force; Luca Bellomo (MSD); Taggart Davis (JP Morgan Chase Co); Walter Van der Meiren (UPS), who remains as Chair of the Customs and Trade Facilitation Committee; and Benjamin Neyt (LVMH).

More details about the leadership changes mentioned above can be found here.  

Please find below a detailed list of the recent appointments to leadership positions: 

  • Carsten Dannöhl (Caterpillar), Vice-Chair, EU-UK Task Force  
  • Nicola del Valle de Sousa Gavaia (McDonald’s), Vice-Chair, Agriculture and Food Committee 
  • Alexander Majer (First Solar), Vice-Chair, Transport, Energy and Climate Committee 
  • Simona Popa (InterDigital), Chair, Intellectual Property Committee 
  • Sofia Trenor (Amazon), Vice-Chair, Diversity and Inclusion Task Force 
  • Felix Uedelhoven (GE), re-elected Vice-Chair, Healthcare Committee  

Please find a list of members who stepped down recently from leadership positions. We are grateful for their continued engagement and trust in AmCham EU.   

  • Kate Ballentyne (former Chevron), former Vice-Chair of the Transport, Energy and Climate Committee  
  • Veronika Bendere (MSD), former Vice-Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Task force, who became Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force  
  • Luca Bellomo (MSD), former Vice-Chair of the Agriculture and Food Committee 
  • Taggart Davis (JP Morgan Chase Co), former Vice-Chair of the EU-UK Task Force  
  • Walter Van der Meiren (UPS), former Vice-Chair of the EU-UK Task Force, who remains Chair of Customs and Trade Facilitation Committee and Vice-Chair, Board, AmCham EU 
  • Benjamin Neyt (LVMH), former Chair of the Intellectual Property Committee