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Invested in Europe: How US companies are changing the face of Europe

20 Mar 2017
All Committees

Stories are all around us - they move us, they make us contemplate and allow us to have a deeper understanding of the world we live in. Stories are a vehicle to reach and connect with people.

The reason stories are successful is because they allow for a granular understanding of matters that often become much too general.  AmCham EU is a champion in providing high-level, quality information and data aimed at policy-makers and businesses – our annual Transatlantic Economy report is a testament to that. At the same time, we recognise the value of storytelling – delivering narratives that go beyond the general.

I believe it is more essential than ever to be able to provide practical examples, connect to individuals beyond the bubbles we operate in on a daily basis.

At a macro level, it may be challenging to grasp how much US companies contribute to the EU economy and the communities in which they function. Beside creating jobs, developing infrastructure and driving innovation, American companies are moreover committed to investing in people and communities. This is not by accident, but through more than 100 years of unrelenting cooperation, investment and innovation.

Invested in Europe: Our stories

With this in mind, I am very excited to announce the launch of our new initiative which puts forward stories of US investment and CSR in Europe.

Invested in Europe: Our Stories is, more than anything, a platform for more and better understanding on the key role US business plays in Europe. We have worked with our members to collect concrete examples of the impact they have on their communities – beyond plain economic indicators.

From social and educational programs, to research and development, to environmental and health initiatives, investments and social programmes are tangible illustrations that demonstrate the benefits that American businesses bring to Europe.

When discussing the multiple challenges we face today, we should be conscious of our many achievements and not be shy to point them out.

Get the message out

Going forward we want to take this positive narrative, develop it and make sure it is heard throughout Europe. We will continue to publish these success stories on our dedicated website and aim to deliver a platform of understanding for policy-makers and citizens alike.

This is how we can get the positive message out, inspire others to get on board and make sure that the commitment of US companies to Europe will remain unhindered and be acknowledged for what it is – a driver of prosperity, innovation and growth in Europe.

By Susan Danger, CEO, AmCham EU