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Examining Enrico Letta's blueprint for competitiveness

22 Apr 2024
All Committees

With the growing need for a more competitive Europe, Enrico Letta, Italian politician and former Prime Minister of Italy, has released his report on the future of the Single Market. The report provides an analysis of the Single Market and proposes enhancements such as reducing regulatory burden, developing a ‘fifth freedom’ focused on research, innovation, and education, as well as developing strategies to balance the deepening internal market integration while reinforcing external economic relationships. Learn more about boosting the attractiveness of Europe in the full report.  

AmCham EU's Agenda for Action 2024-2029 has already highlighted how Europe can deepen and strengthen the Single Market by reducing regulatory burdens on business, facilitating innovation and digital transformation, transitioning to a greener economy and fostering strategic partnerships. With decisive action, the EU can reset the agenda and strengthen its competitiveness in the global economy. American companies stand ready to help build a brighter future in Europe and play their part in bolstering the Single Market.