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Coming together for the future of mobility

23 May 2018
All Committees
Digital Economy
Transport, Energy & Climate

On 17 May, the European Commission published the Third Mobility Package, the last major legislative initiative in the field of transportation before the end of its mandate.

Building on the previous two Mobility Packages (the first from May 2017 and the second from November 2017), the Juncker Commission is putting forward a set of measures built on three pillars:

  • Safe Mobility (both for vehicles and infrastructure);
  • Clean Mobility (focusing on both CO2 Emissions from trucks and the future of the EU Battery value chain for electric vehicles);
  • Connected & Automated Mobility.

Given the breadth and diversity of its membership, AmCham EU offers a unique perspective when it comes to the future of transportation. Representing automotive, IT, digital, telecom and road infrastructure companies, AmCham EU members have worked together to reflect on how best to unlock the potential of connected and automated mobility.

Led by members from both the Transport, Energy & Climate and Digital Economy committees, AmCham EU just published a position statement on key principles for leveraging connected and automated mobility in Europe. AmCham EU members believe that connected and automated driving can improve – or even revolutionise – how vehicles interact with each other, with road infrastructure and other third operators. It has the potential to increase the efficiency of road use and improve both the safety and the environmental performance of vehicles. 

Given the strategic importance of this topic, AmCham EU will also dedicate a breakfast on connected and automated mobility on 29 June and a plenary meeting on the future of mobility in September 2018. It will also continue to act as a constructive and positive partner to ongoing discussions at the EU level both under the current Commission and its successor.

For more information on AmCham EU’s position on transport issues, please contact Jarrod Birch (