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Business concerns vis-à-vis Turkish additional customs duties

10 Dec 2020
Customs & Trade Facilitation

AmCham EU wishes to raise to the European Council and European Commission our concerns vis-à-vis the additional customs duties (ACDs) implemented by Turkey during the COVID-19 pandemic. Turkey has been imposing and increasing ACDs in April and May 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic on a wide range of products. AmCham EU is committed to open trade and trade liberalisation measures as a matter of principle. In these challenging times, trade must remain free to help usher in economic recovery and restore broad-based prosperity. Read our position here.

AmCham EU calls on Turkey and the European Union to work on a plan towards eliminating the recently imposed ACDs. We also urge both sides to de-escalate the current trade tensions and refrain from imposing unilateral sanctions. Finally, we encourage both parties to use tools available to them under the provisions of the EU-Turkey Customs Union or other agreements, including dispute settlement facilities and engage in bilateral talks to resolve any differences.