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Balancing the AI Act

14 Dec 2023
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Digital Economy

On Friday, 8 December, the EU reached a political agreement regarding the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act. This is a critical milestone for European policymakers, as it brings the Union one step closer to completing the world’s first comprehensive AI legislation. However, there remain key issues that must be addressed during the technical meetings of the coming weeks. Importantly, EU legislators should keep innovation at the forefront of the regulatory approach as well as strike the right balance between fostering technological advancements and safeguarding ethical and social considerations.

For Europe to become a technological leader, policymakers must consider the dynamic nature of the AI landscape as they develop the detailed language on technical intricacies, as well as encourage the necessary private-public cooperation. As American companies committed to and invested in Europe, we stand ready to engage with and support policymakers in the upcoming negotiations.