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AmCham EU presents 'The Future of the Single Market', a collaboration with ITN Productions

24 Nov 2016
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The Single Market currently faces a number of threats which could result in further fragmentation. The benefits that the Single Market brings to consumers, business and the overall economy are not widely known or well understood. Given what’s at stake, AmCham EU believes it is now more important than ever to communicate the benefits of the Single Market as widely and effectively as possible.

'Future of the Single Market' Interview with Susan Danger


Towards that end, in a unique communications partnership, AmCham EU and ITN Productions are producing a news and current affairs-style programme which will explore the future of the Single Market. Drawing upon ITN’s 60 year heritage and expertise in storytelling, ‘The Future of the Single Market’ will explore the opportunities and issues emerging from business that illustrate the value that the Single Market brings to Europe, to industry and vice versa.

During an interview for the programme, Susan Danger, CEO of AmCham EU told Natasha Kaplinsky about her hopes for ‘The Future of The Single Market’.

Throughout this process, ITN Productions are keen to hear from any organizations that engage actively with the Single Market and recognize the reciprocal benefits that this relationship facilitates. If your organization has a story to tell in this regard, please contact Charles Woodward, Programming Director, ITN Productions (

These stories will feature in ‘The Future of the Single Market’ programme, which will form an international communications campaign involving key stakeholders in business and government across both the EU and the US. The programme will be premiered in Brussels in May 2017.