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Sustainable Finance

After the Sustainable Development Goals entered into force and the Paris Agreement was signed in 2015, the European Commission redoubled its efforts to reorient financial flows towards a low-carbon economy and to fill the green investment gap.

With the adoption of the Action Plan on Sustainable Finance in 2018, AmCham EU and its members set up a dedicated group to reflect upon our key priorities in this regard, to serve as a cross-sectoral forum for advice and to become a trusted and valuable partner for policymakers throughout the implementation of the various Action Plan’s initiatives. We believe that there is huge potential in harnessing capital flows for sustainable investment, and we stand ready to provide our business expertise through the technical insight of the transatlantic financial services sector.

In this context, the Sustainable Finance Task Force takes the lead responsibility to share intelligence, identify priority actions and direct and coordinate advocacy strategies. The EU’s sustainable finance agenda can provide a positive framework for tackling risks and uncovering opportunities related to the sustainability transition of our economy. Capital markets can be a powerful tool to mobilise, attract and activate new pools of investment to drive sustainable innovation and reach Europe’s environmental goals.

Current issues
  • Proportionate and workable implementation of the EU’s sustainability reporting and finance framework
  • Alignment and interoperability in EU sustainable finance legislation with international and third-country standards where possible
  • Coherent and appropriately sequenced next steps in the sustainable finance policy agenda
Sectors represented
  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Investment firms
  • Ratings firms
  • Energy companies
  • Automotive manufacturers and suppliers
  • Consultancies and law firms

Working documents

29 Oct 2021
COP26: transatlantic business committed to climate action