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Non-EU experts to have easier EU access
Apr 16, 2014 -

AmCham EU welcomes the vote of the European Parliament on the intra-corporate transferees (ICTs) proposal that took place yesterday during the Plenary. MEPs endorsed the compromise reached earlier this year between the Greek Presidency of the EU and the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee on the draft intra-corporate transferees Directive. The Council should now endorse this agreement.

AmCham EU hosts welcome reception for Ambassador Tony Gardner
Apr 07, 2014 -

On Tuesday 1 April 2014, AmCham EU was honoured to host a welcome reception for The Hon. Anthony L. Gardner, US Ambassador to the EU. Ambassador Gardner is a long-standing promoter of transatlantic trade and supporter of AmCham EU. He presented his credentials to European Commission President Barroso and European Council President Van Rompuy on 18 March 2014.

Should you like a high resolution version of some of the photos taken at the event, do not hesitate to send us a request at

AmCham EU launches a new study on the future of health in Europe
Apr 04, 2014 -

Yesterday, AmCham EU co-launched Forever Healthy: the 2020 Healthcare Consumer with the Greek Presidency of the EU. Alexander Roediger, Chair of the AmCham EU Healthcare Committee, introduced HE Andreas Papastavrou, Deputy Permanent Representative of Greece to the EU. Ambassador Papastavrou welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with AmCham EU, speaking on the importance of transatlantic relations in the context of healthcare and the success of the recent EU-US summit, with TTIP at its centre. 

Protecting tomorrow’s technology today
Apr 02, 2014 -

Today AmCham EU's IP Committee met with Ronald Comers, Legal Attaché, and Tracey Bridges, Assistant Legal Attaché, from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Our FBI guests addressed members on trade secret misappropriation and industrial espionage, and explained various methods of targeting or acquiring trade secrets. Currently, industrial espionage (theft of confidential information inspired by third country government) is the FBI’s number two priority – second only to terrorism. Activities of the FBI in countering economic espionage include developing training and outreach materials as well as working directly with the industry.

AmCham EU's Transatlantic Conference - TTIP Revealed: Fact and Fiction
Apr 02, 2014 -

On 27 March, AmCham EU had the pleasure of hosting its annual Transatlantic Conference at The Hotel in Brussels to launch The Transatlantic Economy 2014. This year’s theme was TTIP Revealed: Fact and Fiction. Susan Danger, Managing Director, AmCham EU, welcomed and thanked participants, sponsors and guests including representatives from 26 national AmChams. Opening speeches by Marc Vanheukelen, Head of Cabinet of Karel de Gucht and The Hon. Michael Punke, Deputy United States Trade Representative and Permanent Representative to the World Trade Organization (WTO) were moderated by Hendrik Bourgeois, Chair, AmCham EU. 

See the full programme here!

Greek Permanent Representative underlines value of TTIP at AmCham EU networking cocktail
Apr 01, 2014 -

This year’s Transatlantic Networking Cocktail was co-sponsored by the Greek Permanent representation and took place at AmCham EU. Over 250 people, including 26 AmChams in Europe, the Executive Council of AmCham EU, Permanent Representations, members and a myriad of stakeholders from EU institutions and other organisations, attended. Given it coincided with President Obama’s visit, many of the guests came directly from the Bozar after listening to the President’s speech, adding to the festive atmosphere. 

AmCham EU’s ExCo meet for their Spring Plenary during Transatlantic Week
Apr 01, 2014 -

On 26-27 March, AmCham EU welcomed 13 of its Executive Council members to Brussels for their annual Spring Plenary meeting. Besides attending the presentation by President Obama in the Bozar, ExCo members participated in AmCham EU’s Transatlantic Cocktail with Member State and EU stakeholders, as well as the AmChams in Europe network. The reception was followed by a dinner with Notis A. Mitarachi, Vice-Minister for Development & Competitiveness, President of the council of the European Union – Foreign Affairs (Trade).

AmChams in Europe hold their annual Brussels Policy Briefing
Apr 01, 2014 -

Last week during Transatlantic Week, AmCham EU welcomed over 40 representatives from across 25 AmChams in Europe to its 11th annual Brussels Policy Briefing. The programme kicked off on March 26 with a Member State themed cocktail bringing together Member State and EU stakeholders, business representatives and Executive Directors from across Europe.

Susan Danger's monthly video at AmCham EU's Transatlantic Conference
Mar 31, 2014 -



This month, Susan Danger, Managing Director of AmCham EU, is speaking from our Transatlantic Conference that took place on Thursday 27 March 2014 at The Hotel, Brussels. She gives an overview of the very full programme of AmCham EU's Transatlantic Week, which included our Transatlantic Cocktail and Conference on 'TTIP Revealed: Fact and Fiction', the launch of The Transatlantic Economy 2014 study, as well as AmCham EU's Executive Council Spring Plenary and the visit of over 20 national AmChams in Europe for their annual Brussels Policy Briefing.

Transatlantic Economy 2014
Mar 27, 2014 -

On 26 March 2014, AmCham EU launched The Transatlantic Economy 2014 study, co-authored by Daniel S. Hamilton and Joseph P. Quinlan. In the context of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations, The Transatlantic Economy 2014 provides key insights about the US and Europe in the global economy, with important implications for policy-makers, business leaders and local officials.

Read the Executive Summary

Read Volume 1: Headline Trends

Read Volume 2: State-by-State and Country-by-Country

EU-US Summit should give strong political backing to the TTIP negotiations
Mar 25, 2014 -

AmCham EU is urging Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, and Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, to give at the EU-US Summit strong political support to the ongoing negotiations of a TTIP agreement. 

Michael Froman and Karel De Gucht discuss the value of TTIP at the Brussels Forum
Mar 24, 2014 -

At the GMF Brussels Forum, The Hon. Michael Froman, USTR, and Karel De Gucht, European Commissioner for Trade, spoke about the value of TTIP in the future of the world trading system. Both leaders highlighted the role that the agreement would having in building sustainable economic growth and the impact it would have on the multilateral trade agreements.

SRM agreement a step in the right direction
Mar 21, 2014 -

With yesterday's agreement between the European Parliament and Member States, AmCham EU applauds the progress made on the Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM). The SRM is the second pillar of banking union, and aims to ensure that banking liquidity issues can be resolved with minimal impact on taxpayers and the broader economy. AmCham EU supports the SRM proposal and the positive effects it can have on the Eurozone and the Single Market.

As businesses operating globally, AmCham EU believes the SRM proposal must take global convergence and recognition into account. We will continue to work with the stakeholders to ensure that the SRM acknowledges the need for a properly functioning third country regime. 

AmCham EU meets with Commission representatives on conflict minerals proposal
Mar 20, 2014 -

On 19 March 2014, 20 members from AmCham EU’s Environment, Trade and Transport, Energy & Climate committees met with representatives from the European Commission to discuss its new legislative proposal on conflict minerals. The guest speakers were Signe Ratso (DG TRADE), Guus Houttuin (EEAS), Rein Nieland (DG TRADE) and Malwina Nowakowska (DG ENTR). Topics under discussion included the scope and definition of conflict areas and importers as well as complementarity with OECD and US Dodd-Frank guideline initiatives. The meeting was an opportunity to highlight and clarify recent developments, and to share AmCham EU’s position statement 'Commission’s conflict minerals proposal will promote real change'.

Thanks to Karl Cox and Vincent Jamois
Mar 20, 2014 -

At the March plenary meeting, AmCham EU had the opportunity to thank a two of its Board members who came to the end of their term. Karl Cox (Oracle) was thanked for his service as Vice-Chair, Corporate, a role that he served in since 2011. In his capacity as Vice-Chair of AmCham EU, Karl represented AmCham EU externally on many occasions and spearheaded AmCham EU's Agenda for Action 2014-2019.

Members also had the chance to thank Vincent Jamois (TimeWarner). Vincent served as the chair of Policy Group since 2010 and introduced measures to increase the efficiency of AmCham EU's advocacy processes.

US Ambassador to the EU Anthony Gardner presents his credentials
Mar 19, 2014 -

US Ambassador to the EU Anthony Luzzatto Gardner presented his credentials to European Commission President Barroso and European Council President Van Rompuy on 18 March, allowing him to take up his official duties a week before President Obama will be in Brussels for the March 26 US-EU summit. More information about Ambassador Gardner here: (Photo credits: Council of the EU and European Commission)

Tenneco joins AmCham EU
Mar 19, 2014 -

At the March plenary meeting, members of AmCham EU approved the application of a new member: Tenneco. With this vote, AmCham EU's membership has reached an all-time high of 154 companies.

Is your company interested in joining AmCham EU? Get in touch!

AmCham EU members discuss post-financial crisis reforms and regulation
Mar 19, 2014 -

On Tuesday 18 March 2014, AmCham EU welcomed around 60 members to the plenary event on 'The Role of the Financial Services Sector in the Real Economy', organised by AmCham EU's Financial Services & Company Law committee. Martin Merlin, Head of the Unit for Financial Services Policy and Relations with the Council at DG Internal Market and Services (DG MARKT), provided the keynote address. The event offered an opportunity to hear a progress report from the Commission on financial market reforms and Banking Union as the mandates of the Commission and Parliament draw to a close, and for industry to offer its perspective on the challenge of adapting to regulatory changes.

AmCham EU releases its comprehensive TTIP position
Mar 17, 2014 -

Today, AmCham EU is pleased to release its comprehensive position on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement, which can be downloaded here

Organised by the negotiating chapters, AmCham EU seeks to provide input on all sectors covered by the proposed agreement to the negotiating teams on both sides of the Atlantic. As the talks evolve, AmCham EU will periodically update its position in order to continue providing valuable input.

Please click here to read the full press release.

Fourth round of TTIP negotiations wrap up in Brussels
Mar 17, 2014 -

Following the fourth round of TTIP negotiations in Brussels, both DG Trade and USTR have released their respective statements. Both negotiating teams highlighted the significant progress that was made in all chapters, though negotiations are expected to continue. Furthermore, DG Trade's release underlined the inclusion of SMEs in TTIP. Ignacio Garcia-Bercero, the EU's lead negotiator, mentioned that 99% of all businesses in the EU were SMEs and that they can expect to benefit greatly from the final agreement. 

AmCham EU takes part in TTIP stakeholder briefing during fourth negotiating round
Mar 14, 2014 -

Today, EU and US officials took a break midway the fourth round of TTIP negotiations to listen to views from stakeholders. The event gave 90 civil society and business organisations from the EU and US the opportunity to present their priorities for TTIP. EU and US negotiators, who were all in the room, actively engaged with the stakeholders. The different sessions covered manufacturing; agriculture; services, investment and public procurement; and rules. 

Financial Services Committee meets with MEPs and authorities in Paris
Mar 14, 2014 -

On March 10, a delegation from the AmCham EU Financial Services Committee travelled to Paris to meet with the European Securities and Markets Association (ESMA) and the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (ACPR). Members discussed ESMA’s role in drafting Level II measures in financial services legislation and sought the ACPR’s views on the progress toward banking union. 

AmCham EU hosts reception for TTIP negotiators
Mar 13, 2014 -

On 12 March AmCham EU hosted a networking event in recognition of the 4th round of negotiations to bring together EU and US Chief Negotiators Ignacio Garcia Bercero and Dan Mullaney, as well as representatives of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiation teams with a broad range of stakeholders within the business community and civil society.

See the photos here!

European Parliament vote on data protection proposal a missed opportunity
Mar 13, 2014 -

The Industry Coalition for Data Protection (ICDP), a group of 16 associations representing thousands of European and international companies who are building, delivering and advancing the digital experience, expressed regret at the outcome of the European Parliament’s Plenary vote yesterday on the proposed General Data Protection Regulation.

See the full press release here

Ron Kirk, former USTR, shares his views with AmCham EU members
Mar 12, 2014 -

Former USTR Ron Kirk, currently Senior Of Council at Gibson Dunn, addressed the AmCham EU members yesterday. Mr Kirk, who previously spoke with AmCham EU members during his tenure as USTR, gave members his perspective on TTIP. Mr Kirk stressed that trade agreements are instrumental to the economic revival of the EU and US, and lead to more jobs. He stressed the importance of SMEs for economic growth and that TTIP has the potential to significantly expand their export opportunities significantly.  

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson meets with AmCham EU
Mar 10, 2014 -

On Monday 10 March, AmCham EU welcomed US Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, representative of Texas State’s 30th congressional district, to share her insights on the ongoing TTIP negotiations. Congresswoman Johnson spoke about the need for the continued forging of transatlantic relationships, and the formation of partnerships particularly in the fields of research innovation and development.

AmCham EU Board elections
Mar 10, 2014 -

AmCham EU is pleased to announce that Liam Benham (IBM) was confirmed as Policy Group Chair of AmCham EU’s Board for a two-year new term, taking over from Vincent Jamois (Time Warner). Other Board confirmations included Maxime Bureau (3M) as Member-at-Large/Corporate for a one-year final term and Karim Lesina (AT&T) as Vice-Chair/Corporate for a two-year term, taking over from Karl Cox (Oracle).

Hendrik Bourgeois, Chair, speaks on anti-corruption issues
Mar 06, 2014 -

Hendrik Bourgeois, Chair of AmCham EU, represented AmCham EU at the European Policy Centre (EPC) event 'Is corruption holding Europe back? Lessons from the first EU anti-corruption report' that took place on Thursday 6 March. The panel was composed of representatives of Transparency International, the EPC, the Greek Presidency of the EU and Cecilia Malmström, EU Commission for Home Affairs.

Susan Danger, Managing Director, interviewed on TTIP
Mar 05, 2014 -



In an exclusive interview with viEUws, Susan Danger, Managing Director of AmCham EU, talks to Lénaïc Vaudin d’Imécourt, viEUws Trade Editor, about the TTIP negotiations.


Hendrik Bourgeois elected Chair of AmCham EU's TTIP Taskforce
Mar 04, 2014 -

Congratulations to Hendrik Bourgeois (GE) who has recently been elected Chair of AmCham EU's TTIP Taskforce.

AmCham EU would like to thank the outgoing chair, Michelle Gibbons (FleishmanHillard), for her hard work and dedication since the formation of the committee last spring.