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Intellectual Property Committee


The Intellectual Property Committee works with the EU institutions to create a strong, cost-effective system for obtaining, licensing and enforcing intellectual property right. These issues often lie at the heart of any debate concerning innovation and competitiveness in a global economy.

Current issues

  • Reform of the European Patent System
  • Counterfeiting and piracy
  • Value of IP for innovation and creativity in the 21st century
  • Climate change - Awareness raising of IP-related issues
    (in coordination with the Climate Change Coordination Group)
  • Design protection
  • IPR enforcement
  • ACTA (Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement) negotiations
  • Parasitic copying

Sectors represented

  • Computer and high-tech corporations
  • Consumer, energy and general industrial sectors
  • Law firms

Useful links

Public postion papers

Committee contacts

Vincent Jamois (Time Warner)

Policy officer:
Ania Szatkowska

Communications officer:
Giovanni Mastrobuono