AmCham EU joint statement: Support for Ratifying the EU-Vietnam FTA

17 Apr 2018
All Committees
Trade & External Affairs

AmCham EU today issued a joint statement calling for the swift ratification and implementation of the already concluded EU-Vietnam free trade agreement

European AmChams visit DC to reiterate importance of Europe to the US

16 Apr 2018
All Committees
Trade & External Affairs
Transatlantic Task Force

AmCham EU and five European AmChams (France, Ireland, Italy, Sweden and Romania) travelled to Washington, DC, last week to engage with a range of US policy-makers.

Working together to fight AMR

13 Apr 2018

European Parliament advisers and assistants gathered on Wednesday, 11 April with AmCham EU members to discuss how to address the global health challenges posed by Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), in the context of the draft European Parliament Report on a ‘European One Health Action Plan against AMR.