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Congratulations to new and re-elected Members of the European Parliament

27 May 2019
All Committees

AmCham EU would like to congratulate new and re-elected members. We look forward to working with the European Parliament on a wide range of policies for the benefit of all European citizens. The overall rise in voter turnout is a positive signal and boosts the legitimacy of the EU.

The last five years have tested European unity and the post-war world order which resulted in the EU having to take the lead and ensure it delivered for European citizens. As the effects of globalisation and digitalisation continue to transform our economies, the EU must become more resilient. The European Parliament has a unique opportunity to bring about a real difference to citizens’ lives.

AmCham EU is committed to a strong, united and competitive EU and is a partner in finding ways to bring greater opportunities to secure a bright and prosperous future for Europe.

Read AmCham EU's priorities for the coming 5 years in our Agenda for Action 2019-2024.