Thriving together: uniting in the face of global challenges  | Transatlantic 2023

Thriving together: uniting in the face of global challenges

27 Jan 2023
All Committees

In the face of looming uncertainty, the EU and the US must unite to overcome complex and intertwined global challenges. Through the Trade and Technology Council, cooperation on both sides of the Atlantic is picking up steam. However, with war ravaging Ukraine and the ongoing energy crisis, the external environment remains difficult. Join our Transatlantic Conference 2023 and dive into the issues that are top of mind for those invested in the EU-US relationship.

Two years later: Brexit’s impact on US companies in Europe

26 Jan 2023

It’s been two years since the UK left the EU’s legal and institutional framework and along with it, the Single Market, the Customs Union and a host of other economic, scientific, educational and social initiatives. But for many companies on both sides on the Channel, the impacts of Brexit aren’t yet history. AmCham EU’s latest blog post explores how member companies are coping with the new scenario and what they need from the EU and the UK governments to move forward and reduce trade friction.  

Celebrating International Customs Day

26 Jan 2023
Customs & Trade Facilitation

To mark the 70th anniversary of International Customs Day, AmCham EU is reaffirming its commitment to compliant, effective and efficient international trade. Educating and training the next generation of customs officials will be crucial for preserving the longevity of the global free trade system. 2023 is set to be a pivotal year for the future of customs for the European Union, and AmCham EU looks forward to close collaboration with the Commission and Member States on proposals to build a modern, global customs environment.