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Transatlantic Week

The transatlantic effect: shaping the global agenda

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A new era has been established in the strategic alliance between the EU and the US. Together, the two influence global values and standards, shape policy, lead on international trade and drive change. However, faced with geopolitical tensions, unsolved irritants and potential domestic political changes, this global position is increasingly becoming challenged. Our Transatlantic Conference 2024 will explore how the ‘transatlantic effect’ is perceived internationally and how both sides of the Atlantic can future-proof their ability to shape the global agenda. Join us on Tuesday, 19 March 2024 for a day of discussions on the relevance and attractiveness of the transatlantic partnership in a changing world. 


  • Jean-François van Boxmeer, Chair, European Round Table for Industry and Chair, Vodafone Group
  • Stephen Boyle, Global Chief Trust Officer, Workday
  • Mark Gitenstein, US Ambassador to the EU 
  • Gina Raimondo, US Secretary of Commerce (pre-recorded video)
  • Bjoern Siebert, Head of Cabinet for President Ursula von der Leyen, European Commission

Panel 1 - Global standard setters: shifting power dynamics and the transatlantic effect 

  • Pierre-Emmanuel Noël, Member of Cabinet, Belgian State Secretary for Recovery, Strategic Investments and Research Policy 
  • Oliver Tuszik, President, Europe, Middle East and Africa, CISCO

Presentation of Transatlantic Economy Report 2024

  • Marjorie Chorlins, Senior Vice-President, European Affairs, US Chamber of Commerce
  • Daniel Hamilton, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy Institute, Johns Hopkins
  • Joseph P. Quinlan, Senior Fellow, Transatlantic Leadership Network 

Fireside chat 1 - Global challenges, transatlantic solutions: the transatlantic response to economic disruptions 

  • Ana Paula Assis, General Manager, Europe, Middle East, and Africa, IBM
  • Leopoldo Rubinacci, Deputy Director-General, Directorate-General for Trade, European Commission

Fireside chat 2 - Changing perspectives: the transatlantic relationship from the outside 

  • Pedro Miguel Costa e Silva, Brazilian Ambassador to the EU

Panel 2 - Future-proofing the EU-US relationship

  • US Representative Nathaniel Moran (R-TX)
  • Frances Burwell, Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council

Fireside chat 3 - Reigniting the attractiveness of Europe 

A look back at the Transatlantic Conference 2023

This year’s Transatlantic Conference, ‘Thriving together: uniting in the face of global challenges’ put industry and institutions in the same room to discuss the importance of a strong and united transatlantic relationship, especially on the green and digital transitions. The conference took place on Wednesday, 22 March 2023 and featured speakers from both sides of the Atlantic. As an opening video, Gina Raimondo, US Secretary of Commerce, underlined the importance of keeping the transatlantic dialogue open through forums like the Trade and Technology Council. Michael Miebach, CEO, Mastercard, then expanded on why the focus should be on innovation, sustainability and inclusion to keep the EU and US competitive. Find out everything that happened last week at #Transatlantic2023 in our conference wrap-up.

The Transatlantic Economy Report 2023

The Transatlantic Economy 2023 presents the most up-to-date facts and figures about the economic relationship between Europe and the United States. The research was conducted independently by Daniel Hamilton and Joseph Quinlan at the Foreign Policy Institute, School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University and the Transatlantic Leadership Network. This edition features new insights into the impact of the war in Ukraine, international sanctions on Russia, transatlantic energy transformations, the reconfiguration of global supply chains with ‘derisking’ strategies, relations with China as well as the green and digital transitions. It also includes individual profiles for 30+ European countries, with Ukraine surveyed for the first time, and all 50 US states. This year marks the 20th edition of The Transatlantic Economy, the annual survey of transatlantic jobs, trade and investment.

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