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Committed to Europe: Agenda for Action 2019-2024

The future of Europe: charting the way forward

The last few years have tested European unity and the post-war world order which resulted in the EU having to take the lead and ensure it delivered for European citizens. As the effects of globalisation and digitalisation, which have been emphasised by the ongoing pandemic, continue to transform our economies, the EU must become more resilient. The European Parliament has a unique opportunity to bring about a real difference to citizens’ lives.

AmCham EU is committed to a strong, united and competitive EU and is a partner in finding ways to bring greater opportunities to secure a bright and prosperous future for Europe.

Supporting more than 4.9 million jobs in Europe, US companies are an integral part of the fabric of European communities, innovation and growth. In the context of today's global challenges, the impacts COVID-19 and with the new EU legislative term well under way, bringing new ideas forward is as important as ever.

That's why AmCham EU has identified four priority areas we believe should drive the political agenda. With sustained focus, Europe can remain one of the most attractive regions in the world to do business, but also one of the best places to live, study, work and raise a family.

Four priority areas to move forward together

  • Education
  • Skills
  • Inclusion
  • Smart regulation
  • Better harmonisation and implementation
  • Capital, digital, energy and transport
  • Transatlantic partnership
  • Trade and investment
  • Sustainable development
  • Human capital
  • Research and innovation
  • Infrastructure and best-in-class public procurement

Emerging from the crisis: forging the future

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to present an unprecedented and ever-changing challenge. There is a tough balancing act ahead of us, which requires management of the economic impact of the health emergency, while laying the foundations for what is coming next. AmCham EU is here to support policy-makers during the entire recovery phase.

While we issued our recommendations before the new term, the pandemic has shown that the focus areas continue to be relevant, with an increased focus on unlocking the potential of the digital and green transitions. We prepared sector-by-sector recommendations for the recovery phase that include measures on healthcare, safety of work, fiscal stimulus, the Single Market, and fostering the right digital environment. Read more over at Investing in Europe's recovery.