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Position paper - Sustainable and Smart Mobility Consultation response paper

24 Sep 2020
Transport, Energy & Climate

The Tranport, Energy and Climate committee submitted a response to the open public consultation for the upcoming Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy which will determine the pathway for different aspects of the transport sector to become more sustainable while coordinating various elements of the EU Green Deal and intergrating digital solutions and developing a transport systems that can adapt to crisis situations. 

In our contribution, AmCham EU would like to focus on the following points:

• Clearly define ‘sustainable’ mobility in terms of quantitative emissions reduction targets;
• Place road transport at the heart of the strategy;
• Promote a differentiated approach that adapts to the requirements for various types of transport, eg, long haul transport vs. urban mobility;
• Take account of novel urban mobility service offerings in the Strategy, especially with a view to foster harmonisation across Europe.
• Further incentivise the aviation sector to continue on its path to increase the uptake of sustainable fuels and reduce emissions;
• Encourage further investment in connected and automated mobility systems to ensure interoperability and user safety.

The sustainable and smart mobility strategy should take into account the opportunities for Europe’s industry. As stated by many European policy and industrial leaders, the European Green Deal should be an opportunity for the European economic recovery.