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Position paper - Science-based horizontal identification of endocrine disruptors under REACH

16 Apr 2021
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The American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union (AmCham EU) shares the EU’s commitment to protect human health and the environment from endocrine disruptors (ED) whilst promoting the safe and sustainable use of chemicals, having been active stakeholders in this specific EU policy debate for over a decade. The European Commission’s recent Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS) proposal is a positive move towards reaching the sustainability and competitiveness ambitions set out in the European Green Deal through ensuring the safe use of chemicals such as endocrine disruptors.

AmCham EU supports the Commission’s objective to establish a horizontal, legally binding mechanism to identify endocrine disruptors based on the World Health Organisation (WHO) definition. However, moving further towards hazard-based regulatory instruments where non-approval/non-registration and risk management measures would automatically be triggered by hazard assessment and classification should be cautioned against.