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Position paper - Roadmap on the legislative framework for the governance of common European data spaces

3 Aug 2020
Digital Economy

The American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union (AmCham EU) shares the European Commission’s vision that common European data spaces will create an enabling environment where market participants feel empowered to share and re-use data and are in control of their data. At the heart of the proposed data spaces are the users, who need certainty that their data is handled in a responsible manner. The success of the EU data strategy depends on establishing data governance mechanisms and structures that foster an open and inclusive approach, built on responsible and values-driven data sharing. We are convinced there is an opportunity to develop a better culture of data sharing in Europe, and that ultimately this will contribute to boosting the EU data economy.

AmCham EU and our members are committed to continuing the dialogue with policymakers and stakeholders on the essential role of data in domains of public interest and for the EU economy.