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Position paper - AmCham EU's answer to the public consultation on water reuse

30 Jan 2017


Unlocking the innovation potential in the field of water management can significantly contribute to job creation, growth and competitiveness in Europe. To do so, key tools are: innovative financing of treatment technologies for reuse implementation (incl. financial incentive for municipalities to reduce environmental discharges and implement reuse), new infrastructure for water transport, effective regulation, interagency cooperation, public awareness on the potential benefit of water reuse (environmental externalities and clear affirmation from government on the safety of recalimed water) and edicction efforts.

Water reuse can secure a sustained water source for irrigation and prevent seasonal loses of crops. The assuming investment of 0.12€/M3 and operating cost of 0.16€/M3, the reuse volumes projected by Aquastat and the implementation of reuse standards for agriculture application would results in annual revenue potential of 72 million€ for service suppliers between 2016 and 2025.