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Position paper - Negotiating the path to the future EU-UK partnership: a cross-sectoral view from American companies

29 Apr 2020

This paper sets out the US business community’s recommendations on the future relationship of the EU and the UK post-Brexit. Like European companies, US businesses are heavily integrated in the EU and UK economies and rely on the free flow of goods, services, people and capital throughout the region to succeed. Building on the comprehensive position published in 2018, this paper seeks to offer constructive and practical input to negotiators, taking into account the ambitions and priorities of both EU and UK mandates. 


The paper is divided into two parts. The first part sets out AmCham EU’s horizontal priorities for a future partnership that is comprehensive and sustainable in the long-term. The second part delves into sector-specific issues and provides concrete recommendations for a range of issues to be tackled throughout the negotiations.

In view of facilitating the reader’s work, the structure of this document reflects the configuration of the working groups carrying out the negotiations.