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Position paper - Industrial Vision Paper

23 Feb 2021
Digital Economy
Future of Work, Education & Skills
Security, Defence & Space
Trade & External Affairs
Transport, Energy & Climate


In March 2020 the European Commission put forward its industrial strategy to help bring European industry into a more sustainable, competitive and digital era. A lot has happened since then.

With the ongoing COVID-19 crisis still heavily impacting Europe and the wider world, industry remains a critical sector for the European economy especially as the EU looks to transition towards a greener, more digital and more resilient age. The EU needs a comprehensive industrial strategy in order to improve the global competitiveness of the region. Coupled with the post- COVID-19 recovery plan, the EU economy must be strengthened by an industrial strategy that uses the Single Market and strategic autonomy as key drivers for investment in the EU.

AmCham EU’s vision for the future of industry in Europe highlights four key priorities for the future new industrial strategy of the EU:

  1. Digitising European industry: fostering investment and innovation in people, technologies and processes
  2. Creating the right environment for a cleaner future
  3. Accelerating the EU circular economy
  4. Reinforcing the rules-based trade system and reinvigorating the transatlantic partnership


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