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Position paper - Fit for 55 Snapshot

13 Jul 2022

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the European Commission’s ‘Fit for 55’ initiative. This climate package is part of the European Green Deal, and it aims to align European climate, transport and energy-related regulations with the 2030 55% greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets. It includes more than a dozen legislative proposals, ranging from a carbon border adjustment mechanism to cleaner transport and energy efficiency. AmCham EU members are fully committed to making the objectives laid out in Fit for 55 work. Given its ambitious goals, this wide-ranging initiative affects numerous policy areas and must be evaluated holistically. For the package to be successful, it must respect the Better Regulation principles, avoid fragmentation, ensure regulatory certainty and be guided by international cooperation and innovation. AmCham EU has recently outlined several examples of how certain policy areas overlap  and how they can be made more workable for the private sector. We hope these recommendations will guide policymakers in creating an environment that encourages investment and facilitates the uptake of the technological solutions required for a successful and timely sustainable transition. Read our full Fit for 55 Snapshot here.