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Position paper - Clarity and consistency key for a strong ePrivacy Regulation

7 Jul 2021
Digital Economy

The announcement that the ePrivacy Regulation would be moving to trilogues, over four years since the original European Commission’s proposal, is an important step in ensuring the original objectives of the Regulation to build trust and confidence in services for both consumers and businesses are not lost. AmCham EU welcomes the Regulation’s move into trilogues and supports the objectives set out in the Regulation, however we ask the co-legislators to take on board our recommendations in order to protect Europe’s data driven economy and not restrict its effect on driving the digital transformation.

In our paper, AmCham EU provides a number of recommendations for the negotiations, asking the co-legislators to ensure clarity on the scope and alignment with the GDPR, welcoming the permitted processing of data in articles 6 and 8 and ensuring that the deletion of Article 10 does not hinder introducing language that facilitates further incentives for the development of privacy-preserving technologies (PPT).