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Position paper - Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability: towards targeted improvements based on Better Regulation

9 Mar 2021
All Committees


The Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS) is an important pillar of the European Green Deal, and is crucial to reaching the climate neutrality and circular economy ambitions of the Commission. The CSS seeks to strengthen the existing framework for EU chemicals policy. It aims to help achieve the EU’s sustainability ambitions, while ensuring the competitiveness of the region. AmCham EU supports these objectives.

AmCham EU welcomes the Commission's commitment to underpin new legislative initiatives within the strategy by the Commission's better regulation tools, and that legal proposals, including the revision of the REACH regulation, will be achieved in the most targeted way possible on the basis of public consultations and comprehensive impact assessments. AmCham EU cautions the Commission that new proposals within the strategy should not hamper innovation, regulatory predictability or inadvertently prevent other Green Deal objectives from being achieved.